Formula (bottle) feeding equipment

stk25336nwlIf you have chosen to formula feed your baby, or are wishing to give your baby your expressed milk by bottle there are a number of essential feeding items that you will need to purchase. These are as follows:

a). Feeding bottles with teats and covers and/or feeding cups – you should probably look to buy up to six bottle sets

b). Bottle and teat cleaning brushes to ensure that your baby’s bottle and teat are thoroughly cleaned before being sterilised

c). Sterilising equipment – this can be a microwave or steam steriliser, or a cold water steriliser such as, a Milton sterilising system. The latter is significantly cheaper – costing around a quarter of the price of microwave and steam sterilisers

d). If using a cold water sterilising unit, you will need to buy sterilising tablets or solution to use with it

e). ‘First Infant’ formula milk – this can be as either powdered infant formula or liquid (ready-to-feed) formula milk.

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