Gestational diabetes linked to eating red meat

A study from the US has found an association between women eating lots of red and processed meat before or during pregnancy and an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes (also called type 2 diabetes). The study found that where women increase their consumption of red meat by a half portion each day, their risk [...]


Breakthrough in the detection of pre-eclampsia

A simple 15 minute blood test developed at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, London, could be the long-awaited breakthrough in the detection of pre-eclampsia. The condition is a severe form of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure which is also associated with generalised oedema (fluid retention) and proteinuria (protein in urine). It affects two in every 100 [...]


Growing evidence that swaddling can lead to hip abnormalities

Professor Nicholas Clarke, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, at Southampton University, England, has voiced his concern at the growing body of evidence that suggests 'swaddling' could damage a baby's hips. When babies are swaddled, their limbs are restrained and their legs tend to extend; this causes their hips to straighten and move forward which can lead to future hip problems.


New guidance published on postnatal contraception

Having noted an increase in the number of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies shortly after giving birth; the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) has produced a leaflet which provides guidance on postnatal fertility and the contraceptive choices available to new mothers.

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