Difficulties getting pregnant

Difficulties getting pregnant For some couples the road to parenthood isn’t always straightforward and becoming pregnant can prove a lot more difficult than they’d ever anticipated. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimate that one in seven UK couples are affected by infertility. Fertility difficulties can affect the healthiest and most [...]


Doing a pregnancy test

Doing a pregnancy test Women often report that they had a sixth sense or “just knew” that they were pregnant. In fact, some of the commonest signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be experienced quite early on following conception. The earliest and most reliable indication of being pregnant is a missed period – this is [...]


Folic Acid and Pregnancy

What is folic acid? Folic acid is one of the B group of vitamins – it is known as vitamin B9 and is also referred to as folate. Folic acid has an important role in ensuring healthy cell growth and development; however, it becomes even more important prior to conception and during the early [...]


When can I start trying for another baby after a Caesarean section?

When can I start trying for another baby after a Caesarean section? Caesarean section is the most common major operation performed on women worldwide, with women being over four times more likely to have a caesarean birth nowadays than they were thirty years ago. The concern about the high number of caesarean births means [...]

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