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Smoking and Pregnancy

Smoking and Pregnancy There is a wealth of research that shows us that individuals who smoke tobacco are putting their health at risk from cardiovascular (heart) disease; chronic lung disease; cancer and cerebrovascular disease (stroke). Second-hand smoke puts the health of others at risk too – more than 80% of second-hand smoke is invisible [...]


Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy The topic of 'alcohol and pregnancy' has attracted a lot of media attention. This is because of concerns over the adverse health impact of alcohol during pregnancy on the developing baby. For this reason, revised UK-wide guidelines on alcohol consumption during pregnancy were published on 8 January 2016. The Chief Medical Officers for the UK now [...]


Caesarean section birth

Caesarean section birth There is concern about the rise in the number of babies being born by caesarean section, with studies indicating that women are now around five times more likely to give birth by caesarean than they were forty years ago. Caesarean section (also referred to as an ‘operative birth’) is the commonest [...]


Forceps & Ventouse Births

Forceps & Ventouse Births Forceps and ventouse births (also called vacuum extraction/suction cup) are referred to as ‘assisted’ or ‘instrumental’ births. There are clinical guidelines that UK midwives and doctors use in the maternity services and these identify when it is advisable to assist a woman to birth her baby. For mothers who are [...]



Moxibustion In the past it has been thought that women can encourage their baby to turn from breech to cephalic (head down), by kneeling on-all-fours, with their head down and their bottom up in the air. However, research studies have found that this doesn’t actually work. Complementary therapies have however, gained popularity; in particular, [...]

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