About birth afterthoughts

Events around the time of your baby’s birth can sometimes seem muddled and vague, particularly where you have been given pain relieving drugs (analgesia) which have made you feel sleepy, or there was an emergency situation where decisions and actions were undertaken in rapid succession. Where the midwives and doctors have concerns about you or your baby’s health and wellbeing, it may be necessary to deliver your baby without delay. Whilst your informed consent will always be sought, fully understanding the reasons behind these interventions/treatments can be difficult to comprehend at the time.

For this reason, we have provided a range of common questions and answers that may help your understanding and clarify matters. We always advise that in the first instance, you should seek clarification from your own midwife and doctor (obstetrician). They will be happy to answer any queries about your labour and birth, and you and your baby’s care postnatally. Most UK maternity services offer a birth afterthoughts service; however, where, for certain reasons, you do not feel that this is an option for you, we are most happy to try and help.