Supporting new and expectant parents by providing freely-available, evidence based information written by practising midwives.

Physical and psychological health, lifestyle choices and the environment can affect male and female fertility and ability to conceive, the health of the pregnancy and baby’s development in the womb.

Increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and know when to contact your healthcare professional. This Information helps you make the right choices for you and your developing baby.

As you prepare for your baby’s birth, there is lots you’ll need to consider. Where would you like to give birth? Who will support you during labour? Pain relief options?

Your new baby has arrived and their care needs occupy your days and nights. Our practical advice and evidence-based information covers all aspects of your baby’s care and much more.

There are lots of physical, emotional and social changes as couples move from being partners to parents. The upheaval to established routines can be challenging for both mothers and fathers.

Need to know? Feeling confused by so much information? Why not email our midwives for practical advice, evidence-based information and handy tips. We will reply within 24 hours of receipt.

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